World Women’s Day

SYWAC observed world women’s day program on 8th march 2006. A small mela was organized where women showcased their talent in different areas. They put up food and craft stalls and made a decent sale also.

Children’s Day

SYWAC, celebrated Children’s day with the marginalized children of our community. A cultural program was organized for them under which several events dances, races, songs, games etc. were organized and prizes were given away by our president.

Health Camp


SYWAC had organized a free health camp for disadvantaged children on 15 October 2008 at SYWAC Non-Formal Education Centre in Mangolpuri, Delhi. Four member’s team, which comprises One Doctor & three Medical Assistants from Jaipur Golden Hospital, Rohini have diagnosed the children. The age group of the children was 5-14 years. Free medicines have been distributed to diagnosed children. The referral card of all the children were made by the doctors in health camp so that hospital would provide free health services to these children for upto 3 months. Around 65 children were diagnosed. Few cases have been referred by doctors to Jaipur Golden Hospital for further diagnosis.

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